Precisely What Does “You’re Not My Type” Mean?

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Guys usually are simple if they communicate. They don’t generally speaking try to be cryptic or chat “around” a topic. They can be all business and logic, so if they are not sleeping, these are generally probably simply telling it think its great is actually. Cannot try to find a lot of subtext between your contours since there probably is not any.

If he states you aren’t their type but he’s nevertheless curious, go on it at par value. The guy probably is attempting to say that he’s usually not drawn to severe, brainy ladies, but there is simply anything about you that intrigues him.

If he is simply contemplating gender, the guy probably won’t point out you aren’t their type, as that will operate against their video game. He’ll either lay-on the allure together with old familiar lines, or he’ll point out that you two need to have with each other for many fun at some point.

He’s going to state you are “hot” instead of letting you know you are rather. He’ll eyeball you up and down like a frozen dessert sundae, and then he’ll move in close-in an aggressive in the place of tender manner. You are a female, so make use of instinct. You’ll know what he is truly interested in, one of the ways or perhaps the additional.